About Us

About the Department

The Department of Information Science and Library Management (ISLM) was established and approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of Bangladesh under the Faculty of Humanities and Social Science on April 05, 2016. At present, the Department is offering a Postgraduate Diploma in Information Science and Library Management (PGD in ISLM). Dr. Md. Milan Khan acts as Head of the Department.

This Department promotes academic and professional study on how information is generated, disseminated, discovered, selected, used, organized, maintained, and managed. It equips students with related theories, approaches, and research. They acquire knowledge about information representation and organization, information architecture, content and collections, information needs and uses, and information technology.

In the digital era, librarians and information management professionals are playing a vital role in developing a knowledge-based society and building awareness of the uses of information in all relevant fields. The digital age has changed the ways we access and retrieve information. Library professionals are now a part of a complex and dynamic education, information infrastructure, and recreation.

Mission of the Department

  1. To equip students with the knowledge and skills about how to handle the storage, retrieval, analysis and dissemination of information effectively.
  2. To prepare students as skilled library management professionals or information management professionals.
  3. To enhance students’ skills for the preservation and dissemination of information and knowledge.
  4. To build competence in students for the marketing of information and information technologies in Bangladesh.
  5. To make students aware of the future needs of libraries and information centers.


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