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Warm greetings from the Department of Information Science and Library Management (ISLM) to all information professionals and knowledge seekers. At present, we offer a Postgraduate Diploma under this Department. A Master’s degree in Information Science and Library Management (ISLM) is in process. Our main goal is to achieve excellence in ISLM through proper education, training, and innovative programs that address the needs and demands of the job market.

The motto of the Department is “Information Science in an Information Age”. The Department proactively assesses the needs and demands of the job market in order to achieve this motto and build a knowledge-based society.

Teaching, learning and research facilities and resources are available both to students and teachers. These include computer labs, appropriate software systems, smart boards, Ipads, Power Point presentations, projectors and more. Teachers are expected to deliver content easily, using innovative teaching, learning, training and research methodologies. Students will be expected to access and use electronic or digital information resources for academic, learning and research purposes.

Information Science and Library Management graduates find employment or career opportunities in various sectors of the economy including education, training, universities, the media industry, government organizations, public and private organizations, politics, business and law establishments, medical, health and related agencies and many more.

The Department advocates an open communication policy to engage with students face-to-face, a suggestion box or email for improving our programs for the betterment of society.

Welcome to the Department, home of a transformative and innovative information science program where students can truly count on the passion and spirit of the ISLM team


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